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Cold Room Refrigeration

Two large cold room doors opened wide

Cold Room Refrigeration can take on many different forms and sizes, from small rooms not much bigger than a large American style refrigerator to vast warehouse expanses, and temperatures from +13°C to as low as -40°C.

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Woburn Sands Band – Milton Keynes

Woburn Sands Band - Garry Ornsby on Baritone

1,000 cubic metres / hour of filtered fresh air heat exchanging ventilation & 10kW of wall mounted air conditioning power – The latest additions to Woburn Sands Brass Band in Milton Keynes.

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Campus & Co – Scunthorpe

Torr Engineering installing new air conditioning at the Campus & Co shop in Scunthorpe

Torr Engineering were delighted to have been chosen to install the new air conditioning systems at the Campus & Co store on the One School Global campus in Scunthorpe.

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