Campus & Co – Scunthorpe

Torr Engineering installing new air conditioning at the Campus & Co shop in Scunthorpe

Air Conditioning in Scunthorpe.

Torr Engineering were delighted to be commissioned to install the new air conditioning systems at the Campus & Co store on the One School Global campus in Scunthorpe.

The newly opened Campus & Co superstore in Scunthorpe is run by a passionate team who have spent countless hours sourcing products that represent the highest quality, the most exciting innovation, and the best value for money.

Staffed by parent volunteers and open to the families of the school children, the store re-invests its profits back in to the school, providing extra facilities for the children. What a wonderful ethos!

Cable tray being installed for refrigeration pipe work
Tray work installed ready for the air conditioning pipe work.

The shop air conditioning installation required 3 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 12.5kW ceiling cassette units to provide cooling in the store. With multiple integral fridges & freezers, the heat rapidly built up in the shop in the warm summer weather.

Unfortunately the weather during the installation wasn’t quite as warm, with Scunthorpe experiencing 2 month’s rainfall in 1 day. But we came prepared!

The fishing umbrella offers protection from the impending rain
The fishing umbrella offers protection from the impending rain.

The indoor & outdoor units were installed in 2 days, piped up, drained and electrically connected in another 2 days.

Pressure testing the air conditioning systems and pipe work
Pressure strength & leak testing the systems.

The final day was devoted to pressure testing & commissioning the systems. The pipe work is pressure strength tested to 44 bar or 640 psi. Roughly equivalent to 20 x the pressure in your car’s tyres!

3 air conditioning outdoor condenser units
The completed outdoor condensing units.

After electrical checks the systems are powered up and run through their commissioning test sequences. These systems all run off a single touch screen remote control which keeps the shop at a constantly cool and refreshing 19°C

An air conditioning ceiling cassette in an open plan ceiling
One of the three indoor ceiling cassettes.

For advice or information on your air conditioning needs in Scunthorpe and the surrounding areas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Torr. Your LOCAL specialist refrigeration & air conditioning company.