Air Conditioning in Cleethorpes

air conditioning in cleethorpes

Air conditioning in Cleethorpes is closer than you think!

Torr Engineering have been serving the local community since 2009, and we’re seeing unprecedented demand for home air conditioning throughout Grimsby & Cleethorpes. And it’s easy to see why…

With the UK record highest temperature being set in Coningsby, Lincolnshire, there's no better time to consider Air Conditioning in Cleethorpes & Grimsby!

…With the UK’s highest ever recorded temperature, 40.3°C (105°F), being set just 30 miles away in Coningsby, Lincolnshire!

In the past, air conditioning was considered the extravagance of luxury holidays, rarely did anyone in the UK benefit from it’s calming cool breeze in the comfort of their own homes. But that’s changing – rapidly.

This morning…

…another Cleethorpes resident joined the long list of delighted Torr clients after having their bedroom air conditioned. The installation was started at 08:45 and the unit was running by 11:00.

This 3.5kW Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning system brought the temperature down in this bedroom from a stuffy 27°C to a more comfortable 20°C in minutes. And if 20°C isn’t cool enough for you, they are capable of reducing the temperature to a chilly 18°C.

These whisper quiet units don’t just cool either. They are just as efficient heating up your room on a chilly winter evening, while simultaneously filtering dust & allergens out of the air.

Yesterday morning…

…this Cleethorpes resident was admiring the blistering summer sun from the comfort of their newly air conditioned kitchen-diner extension, supplied, installed and running in the same day – courtesy of Torr.

Air conditioning in Cleethorpes
Air conditioning in Cleethorpes

Friday morning…

…this Cleethorpes new build resident was being bathed in air conditioned bliss for the first time by this powerful 7.1kW wall mounted unit. This large open plan kitchen-diner with lots of windows and sky lights demanded something a little more powerful than the standard domestic system.

Air conditioning in Cleethorpes
Air conditioning in Cleethorpes

Tomorrow morning…

…we’re having a break from Cleethorpes, and installing a lounge air conditioning system in Laceby!
***Watch this space***

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