Immingham Town Council Museum

Immingham Town Council Museum

Immingham Town Council

Torr Engineering were delighted to be contracted by Immingham Town Council Museum to install their new energy efficient heat exchanging ventilation system.

Immingham Museum existing ducting

The Museum forms part of the Immingham Town Council buildings on the Civic Centre – Pelham Road.

It tells the Story of the Immingham Area from prehistoric to the present day. With the downstairs exhibitions showing the town’s story up to 1900, and the upstairs gallery focusing on the history of the Immingham Dock, including a spectacular working model railway, that is safely under wraps in the image above, while the ventilation works were carried out.

This delightful little museum is a must see if you haven’t had the chance to visit yet. Admission is free, though donations are very welcome and put to good use. Opening times and contact information are available here.

The upstairs of the museum, where the stunning model railway is displayed, had an existing but obsolete ducting system. The museum curators wanted this old system leaving in situ to add to the industrial aesthetic of the room; somewhat emulating the look and feel of a real life railway shed with all the ceiling ducts and workings exposed.

To accommodate this, we had to install the new heat exchanger unit and ducting alongside the old installation, while keeping the new ducting both tucked away enough not to dominate the room, but exposed enough to be functional and effective.

The original plan was to spray the new ducting white to match the existing, but once the installation was underway, the curators liked the zinc galvanised industrial look of the ducting so much, they thought it added to the aesthetic they wanted for the room and decided to leave it unpainted.

Museum ducting during installation

The Immingham Town Council Museum ventilation system of choice was the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SAF1000E7.

The Mitsubishi SAF1000E7 heat exchanging ventilation system is one of the larger models of heat exchanger in the SAF unit’s line up.

Modern building regulations require losses to be minimised when ventilation is required. This unit captures warm air leaving the building and recycles the warm air to heat the incoming air used for ventilation of the premises in winter.

Likewise in summer the exhausted air can be used to cool the incoming air to the building hence saving in air conditioning costs. This Mitsubishi system is capable of 1000 cubic metres air change every hour!

You can read more in-depth details on exactly how the system works in our articles on Foss Dyke Brass Band & Woburn Sands Brass Band, who both had the same system installed.

Due to the extremely valuable model trains below, and the existing ducting above, the installation required some *very slim engineers* squeezing in to some very tight spaces.

*Obviously not the 2 pictured above.

With the ducting work completed…

…It’s time to move on to the electrical wiring.

The Immingham Town Council Museum system had the optional added heater bank installed to boost the temperature of the incoming fresh air on cold days by up to 10°C.

The heat exchanger is simple to control via the wall mounted remote. Once set up it’s just a case of turning it on and off. There are options to reduce the fan speed (volume of air being processed) and a setting to turn off the heat exchanging function if the air outside is a similar temperature to the air inside.

The system can also be programmed to turn itself on & off by an inbuilt timer on the remote control. In this instance though, the system runs permanently to keep the air quality and temperature in the perfect zone for the model trains & other valuable exhibits.

Once the installation was complete, it was time to uncover the wonderful scale model of how the Immingham Docks train sidings & sheds once looked in its heyday!

It was a pleasure working in this little undiscovered museum on our doorstep.
If you’re in the area we highly recommend popping by. The entrance to the museum is through the Town Council library and a reminder of contact details and opening times is here.

If you are looking for more information on energy efficient heat exchanging ventilation systems you can use the search bar on this website for several more articles and examples of our installations, or get in touch with us at Torr here.