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Air Conditioning in Cleethorpes

air conditioning in cleethorpes Air conditioning in Cleethorpes is closer than you think! Torr Engineering have been serving the local community since 2009, and we’re seeing unprecedented demand for home air conditioning throughout Grimsby & Cleethorpes. And it’s easy to see why… …With the UK’s highest ever recorded temperature, 40.3°C (105°F), being set just 30 miles away in Coningsby,…

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Ventilation – Cleethorpes Brass Band

Cleethorpes Brass Band playing on Cleethorpes sea front

Following on the theme of our recent ventilation works for the Brass Banding community, Torr were delighted to be commissioned to install a new ventilation system for the Cleethorpes Brass Band rehearsal facility. Ventilation plays a very important role in the comfort and, in the current coronavirus prominent times, the safety of brass instrument musicians rehearsing in enclosed environments….

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