Tale of Two – Cleethorpes

Tale of Two Cleethorpes air conditioning installation by Torr Engineering

A popular local bar & restaurant, the Tale of Two on Cleethorpes seafront, contracted Torr to upgrade its air conditioning in the main restaurant and function room.

An existing defunct system was removed to make way for 2 new Mitsubishi wall mounted systems in the restaurant and one new one in the function room. 

The roof was cleared of the old system to make way for a big foot system to mount the new condensers on. The big foot system raises the condensers off the floor, reducing the amount of general debris (leaves, paper, plastic, feathers etc) that can get sucked in to the condenser coil, which reduces its efficiency.

It also makes cleaning and future maintenance easier, avoids the need to penetrate the roof – compromising waterproofing and just looks much tidier. The mounting system is also easily expandable allowing for future additions to the system.

The new Mitsubishi indoor units were mounted on the internal walls of the restaurant & function room, with all services (pipework & cabling) exiting directly behind the units through the wall and out to the flat roof area. This allows for a clean aesthetic inside the restaurant with nothing except the units themselves visible. 

The 2 new condensers were mounted on the big foot system and all interconnecting services, the pipe work, cabling & drainage, was secured to cable tray mounted on the exterior walls.

After the installation the flat roof was hosed down & cleaned of slippery moss, algae and any loose debris that could foul the condensers.

The system was successfully commissioned and is now keeping diners at the perfect temperature during their meals at the Tale of Two.


Tale of Two website.