Bedroom Air Conditioning

Too hot to sleep?

Bedroom Air Conditioning

Not EVERYONE want’s their bedroom Hot & Steamy!

Bedroom Air Conditioning - For when things get TOO Hot & Steamy!

Well, not when it’s time to go to sleep at least!

Room temperature has a significant effect on how we sleep at night.

Expert research puts the ideal temperature for the best night’s sleep at between 16°C – 22°C with the sweet spot being 19°C for adults & 20°C for babies and the elderly.

Bedroom Air Conditioning - The Ideal Temperature is 19°C

We spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, so it’s important we get this part of our life right!

We’ve all experienced discomfort & restlessness when the warmer summer temperatures cause our bedrooms to become too hot for comfortable sleep. Our body temperature not only affects our ability to fall asleep, but also the quality and length of that sleep.

Your body temperature needs to drop slightly before you go to bed, which is why you just can’t sleep when you’re too hot, and while asleep, your body is less able to regulate its temperature naturally, which is why it’s so important and beneficial to get your bedroom temperature perfect at night.

So how do we achieve the perfect bedroom temperature to aid quality restful sleep?

There are numerous steps you can take to help cool your bedroom on the hot summer nights.

The popular recommendation is to close your curtains, open your windows slightly, open your loft hatch, swap your bedding for linen or cotton, pop your pyjamas in the fridge, freeze a hot water bottle, take extra drinks – but not coffee, tea or alcohol, spritz the room with some lavender essential oil, take a cool bath and put a tray of ice cubes in front of your electric fan.


You could press this button.

Bedroom Air Conditioning - Remote Control

And by the time you’ve remembered where you put the loft hatch hook, your bedroom air conditioning will have achieved the perfect temperature for a wonderful night of quality restful sleep.

Bedroom Air Conditioning – No longer the luxury, more the necessity…

…And now VAT FREE!

For the price of a luxury steamy weekend away, you could be preventing steaming hot bedrooms and aiding your best luxury sleep with bedroom air conditioning for the next 15+ years!

Bedroom Air Conditioning is not just about cooling. Todays air conditioning systems are ultra modern, stylish and multifunctional units featuring:

♥ Superb A+++ energy efficiency
♥ Heating Function
♥ Cooling Function
♥ Dehumidifcation Function
♥ Fan Only Function
♥ Motion Sensing Option
♥ Dust, Pollen & Allergen Filtration
♥ Washable & Replaceable Filters
♥ WiFi Controllable
♥ Programmable Timers
♥ Turbo function for quick set point reaching
♥ Smart airflow for optimal air distribution
Sleep mode for comfort cooling in the night
Password Protection
Child Lock
♥ Unobtrusive
♥ Choice of Sizes
♥ Choice of Colours
♥ Choice of Designs
♥ Whisper Quiet Running
♥ Installed and running same day
♥ Running Costs from 4p/Hour
♥ Guaranteed for 3 Years – Extendable Up To 7 Years!

And don’t forget – air conditioning systems are reversible heat pumps, so even when it’s freezing cold outside in the depths of winter, the same press of the ‘on’ button of your remote control will have your bedroom warmed to the perfect temperature almost instantly!

You deserve it, so why not treat yourself to bedroom air conditioning before it’s 28°C outside and 30°C in the bedroom…

…and we’re too busy fitting someone else’s!

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