Holiday Lodge Air Conditioning

Holiday Lodge Air Conditioning

Holiday Lodge Air Conditioning

Torr were delighted to be contracted to fit 2 holiday lodge air conditioning systems at one of our local prestigious caravan parks in Lincolnshire.

Nettleton Park, a little unspoilt rural retreat set in a mature pine forest in the scenic Lincolnshire Wolds, is ideal for those who appreciate relaxing holidays or weekend breaks.

Holiday Lodge Air Conditioning

The remit from our client was to air condition the lounge and master bedroom areas of this beautiful Pemberton Rivendale holiday home.

Holiday Home Air Conditioning Lounge Unit:

The large open plan lounge area required a 5kW system.

With the indoor unit mounted centrally, its pipe work, cabling and drainage was neatly concealed within trunking that ran under the holiday home’s decking to the rear side of the home where the outdoor condensing unit was mounted.

And while space under the decking was tight, thankfully there was an access door that even the most rotund of our engineers could fit through!

Holiday home under decking access panel.

The outdoor condensing unit was mounted on specialised heavy duty rubber feet that raise the unit off the floor and help keep the condensing coils clear of debris such as leaves & grass clippings etc.

These modern inverter style outdoor units run extremely quietly, with the rubber feet further enhancing the sound deadening for a whisper quiet running system, even when running at full speed. This ensures there is no noise nuisance to even the closest of sited caravans.

After installation, the pipe work is pressure tested to ensure there are no leaks, and then placed under a vacuum to remove all air & moisture from the system before the refrigerant is added.

Installing air conditioning condenser unit.

Holiday Home Air Conditioning Bedroom Unit:

The smaller bedroom are required a 3.5kW system.

With the bedroom air conditioning indoor unit mounted, there was only a short pipe run to the outdoor condensing unit which was sited on the adjacent side decking area.

Similar to the lounge unit, the pipe work, cabling & drainage was neatly routed and hidden in trunking, and the condensing unit was mounted on specialist rubber feet.

Holiday home air conditioning bedroom system outdoor unit.

Once installed, both the lounge & bedroom air conditioning units have their filters fitted.

Holiday home air conditioning unit filters.

This orange filter being fitted on the right is The Allergen Clear Filter. It breaks down the pollen, lice, and allergens and deactivates them. The secret of deactivation is the Enzyme-urea compound. It deactivates not only allergens but also all kinds of bacteria, molds and viruses Even if allergens and bacteria, etc. fly off the filter, they are deactivated, so the air in your room is kept fresh.

The orange filter on the left is The Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter. It keeps the air fresh by deodorizing the molecules causing odour. Its deodorizing power can be restored by washing with water and drying under the sun, as such it is a Recycling deodorizing filter capable of repeated use.

Holiday home air conditioning unit filters.

The final filters to be fitted are made of an ultra-fine plastic mesh. These filters capture general dirt & dust, removing it completely from the air in the room, and preventing the interior coils of the indoor unit from becoming dirty and losing efficiency. These filters should be cleaned regularly (every few months of use), and can simply be rinsed in clean water and left to dry.

Both of these holiday home air conditioning systems were installed, commissioned & running within the same day.

So now the new delighted owners can step out of their Rolls Royce air conditioned luxury, in to their Holiday Home air conditioned luxury.

Rolls Royce Air Conditioning.

Sadly we can’t provide you with the Rolls, but we can provide you with luxurious air conditioning.
If you’d like to read more about holiday home air conditioning, you can see more of our work by clicking here, but if you’ve already decided you want your bedroom & lounge air conditioned, whether it be at your home or your holiday retreat, we’d love to hear from you, and you can contact us here.