Covid Air Conditioning Clean

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Ensuring your air conditioning is properly serviced is important to maintain its performance, efficiency, warranty, but most importantly, its safety & cleanliness too.

Covid Air Conditioning Clean

Dirty filters, fans and heat exchanging coils not only adversely affect a system’s performance, but also lead to unpleasant smells and unsanitary conditions for the users.

Unmaintained air con systems may have the ability to harbour and spread Coronavirus particles through the air.

Ventilation is key to minimising the risk of Covid spread in enclosed spaces.
The HSE’s own advice states “Good ventilation reduces the concentration of the virus in the air and therefore reduces the risks from airborne transmission”. Large HVAC (Heating, ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems have the ability to draw in fresh air from outside and expel stale air from the room, but smaller individual air conditioning systems usually don’t have this feature and only recirculate the air already in the room, without adding any ventilation .

These smaller individual units can still play their part in helping to reduce the risk of spreading viruses providing their specialised filters are replaced or cleaned & sanitised regularly.

Most air conditioning units have a main filter that catches the general dirt & dust in the air, but behind the main filter are 2 specialised filters that work to clean & sanitise the air even further:

Allergen Clear Filter
The allergen clear filter breaks down the pollen, lice, and allergens and deactivates them. The secret of deactivation is the Enzyme-urea compound. It deactivates not only allergens but also all kinds of bacteria, molds and viruses Even if allergens and bacteria, etc. fly of the filter, they are deactivated, so the air in your room is kept fresh. This filter should be replaced with a new one during routine service.
Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter
The Photocatalytic Washable Deodorizing Filter keeps the air fresh by deodorizing the molecules causing odour. Its deodorizing power can be restored by washing with water and drying under the sun, as such it is a Recycling deodorizing filter capable of repeated use.

Any airborne particles that make it past the filters will settle on the air conditioning coil. The coil is the heat exchanging part of the indoor air conditioning unit that the refrigerant passes through in either heating or cooling mode.

An air conditioning coil looks similar to a car radiator, with lots of narrow rows of aluminium fins that provide the perfect conditions for dirt, mold spores and virus particles to stick to.

Regular cleaning ensures good air flow through the coil which makes your air conditioning unit work better.
Regular sanitisation and antibacterial treatment ensures all spores and virus particles are killed off and fusty smells are removed.

Here at Torr we provide a specialist Covid Air Conditioning Deep Cleaning service that leaves your equipment spotlessly clean and thoroughly sanitised.

Whether you have a wall mounted or ceiling mounted system, we strip the unit down to allow full access to the system’s coil in preparation for a 2 stage chemical treatment.

All filters are jet washed & separately sanitised or replaced as necessary.

The coil is first rinsed and wetted before applying the 1st stage active coil cleaner to remove all dust, debris, grease & oils. The Controlled foaming action reaches deep in to the coils & neutralizes odours found in the air handling equipment.

This treatment is left to penetrate the coil for 10 minutes before being rinsed with water.

The coil is then treated with the 2nd stage advanced high powered aerosol disinfectant that foams within the coils of the evaporator. This biocide kills 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi & viruses within 60 seconds.

This treatment is also left on the coils for 10 minutes before being rinsed off with water. After rinsing it leaves a pleasant lemon scent in the air conditioner.

These Covid Air Conditioning Cleans provided by Torr go over an above an ordinary air conditioning maintenance. They can be undertaken as a one off deep clean of your systems or form part of an ongoing maintenance routine to provide complete peace of mind over your air conditioning hygiene.

Even with your air conditioning sanitary needs taken care of, is ventilation still an issue?

As we described above, ventilation is key to minimising the risk of Covid spread in enclosed spaces.
But it’s not just beneficial in virus control, it also removes noxious air and provides fresh filtered air, improving overall air quality, providing a stable and healthy indoor environment. Factors proven to increase general wellbeing and productivity.

In a recent study, Harvard University found that improved air quality in the workplace lead to:

  1. Cognitive performance increased by more than 100%
  2. Employees had 30% fewer headaches and respiratory complaints
  3. Workers in the study slept better at night
  4. spending just £30 per person, per year on indoor air quality resulted in a £4,770 increase in employee productivity.

Torr Engineering can help with improving your workspace ventilation with the latest range of energy efficient heat exchanging ventilation systems from Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi SAF heat exchanging ventilation system

The Mitsubishi SAF system recovers heat energy which would be otherwise exhausted to the atmosphere and uses this energy to warm the air entering the building. The reverse happens in warmer climates, where the exhausted cool air is used to partially cool the incoming air. Capturing the waste energy, means the heating/cooling requirements of the building are reduced, so similar size plant can be selected. Savings can be made in long term energy consumption and carbon emissions are reduced.

These systems can also be installed with an additional inline heater battery that will further warm the air by an additional 10°C, so just because it may be cold outside, providing adequate ventilation does not mean that workplaces have to be cold.

Working in tandem with modern air conditioning units, these systems produce the perfect air quality for the modern working environment.

For any further information on having a Covid Air Conditioning Clean, or improving your workplace ventilation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Torr.