Man Cave Air Conditioning

Man Cave Pool Table & Air Conditioning

The addition of a Man Cave to a house or garden space is becoming ever more popular, and what better way to take care of the heating & cooling requirements than a modern, efficient air conditioning unit.

Man Cave Front

Torr were invited to a local Man Cave to look at the possibility of installing air conditioning. This particular Man Cave was home to a very high quality tournament standard pool table, so a stable temperature and the ability to dehumidify the space were important considerations for keeping the table and cloth in first class condition. Not forgetting the comfort of the occupants!

Man Cave At Night

The fantastic new build structure lent itself perfectly for the installation of air conditioning. The modern exterior and similarly contemporary white interior worked perfectly with the clean lines of the Mitsubishi SRK indoor unit.

And with just enough space at the rear of the building to build a pad for the Mitsubishi SRC condensing unit, it could be both protected from the worst weather elements and hidden out of sight.

The Mitsubishi Heavy Industries system of choice for this install was a 3.5kW capacity inverter driven unit with additional WiFi adapter. These fabulous systems come feature packed and are capable of heating, cooling, dehumidifying and working in a fan only mode.

The 3 stage filtration system on the unit not only filters the air of dust and air borne particles, but also kills allergens, bacteria and viruses. The washable photocatalytic filter keeps the air fresh by deodorizing the molecules causing odour.

Inside the Man Cave before installation

With modern air conditioning compressors running on inverter driven technology, the system is not just ultra quiet, but also ultra efficient.

Unlike older systems where the compressor was either on or off, inverter driven systems start very quietly and slowly, speeding up and down smoothly to supply the perfect amount of performance and use the minimal amount of electricity. Indoor & outdoor units are quite literally whisper quiet.

The outdoor condensing unit is installed to the rear of the building, mounted on heavy, high density rubber feet to keep it off the ground and free of debris. Once the pipe work is complete it is pressure strength & leak tested with oxygen free nitrogen.

After a successful pressure test the pipe work is placed under vacuum to remove all air and moisture.

The pipe work, electrical cabling and drainage is then contained inside high quality Inoac trunking for protection and a clean aesthetic look.

Installation complete, it’s time to put the system through its paces and get it connected to the internet.
With the additional Mitsubishi WiFi adapter and the Airconwithme app, the system can be controlled from anywhere you’ve got your phone and an internet connection.

That may be from the comfort of your front room, while on holiday in Mauritius, or in the taxi on the way home with your mates ready for an impromptu few frames after last orders.

Airconwithme app

This 3.5kW system had a large chilly room on a December morning up to 22°C within minutes.
A 3.5kW air conditioning system is very efficient, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 4.23 in heating mode.

This means for every 1kW of electricity that is used by the system, it outputs 4.23kW of heat energy.
On modern well insulated buildings, this means average running costs in an 8 hour period of 53p, or just under 7p an hour!

Systems like this one can come supplied and installed by Torr from as little as £1,200 + vat.
And it doesn’t have to be a Man Cave, air conditioning is a fantastic addition to any room at home, at work or even in your caravan!

For any further information, advice or a free no obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here. We’d love to be involved in the latest Man Cave project!