Cold Room Refrigeration

Cold Room Danfoss Optyma

Torr were delighted to be selected to work with one of Grimsby’s largest national fish & seafood suppliers.

Grimsby Fish Market
Today, Grimsby Fish Market sells around 300,000 boxes a year, at roughly 300 tons a week of mainly haddock and cod.

Cold room refrigeration provides a vital role in keeping all of this product in first class condition for Grimsby’s numerous fish & seafood businesses, and of course, their clients.

Cold room refrigeration.

Grimsby has a long and famous history with the fishing industry. The port of Grimsby until the 1950s harboured the world’s biggest fishing fleet, of 600 trawlers, which steamed as far as the Barents Sea. For the many men who worked them, the dock was not so much a place to moor and unload as a miniature city, with shipping merchants, smoke houses, doss houses, a bank and the world’s biggest ice factory.

Our client required an existing room chilling down to create a cold room and allow fish orders to be prepped for vacuum packing and shipping.

The room needed to be chilled to 8°C to allow cool and sanitary conditions for the product and a workable temperature for the staff.

Our kit of choice was a Friga Bohn TA4R6P dual discharge evaporator, specifically designed for Cold Rooms, Airlocks, Laboratories, Preparation and Packing Rooms. This twin fan unit can move 2,615m³ of chilled air per hour.

We twinned this evaporator with the superb Danfoss Optyma Plus OP-MPXM046MLP00G condensing unit. These versatile units are quiet, energy efficient, well built, easy to work on and have a large network of suppliers for stock & spares.

The Danfoss Optyma condenser unit was sited and bolted to Fixit-Foot heavy duty high density rubber feet that raise the unit off the ground to help prevent debris from getting into the unit, and provide vibration and sound deadening.

The Friga Bohn evaporator unit was sited centrally in the room and secured with non-corrosive food grade nylon fastenings.

The Cold Room Control Panel would normally be located on the outside front of the cold room, but this area was a very clean environment that was jet washed daily. To prevent the risk of electric shock or damaging the panel, the panel was mounted on top of the cold room with simple on / off isolator operation from within the room.

Cold Room control panel

The Cold Room Evaporator was drained with chrome plated copper pipe and secured with nylon drop rods to chromed copper munson ring supports. The chromed copper provides a hygienic, non-corrosive professional finish that is easy to keep clean.

Cold Room Evaporator drainage in chromed copper

The Danfoss Condensing Unit suction pipe work was clamped with lagging surrounding Kloshure clamps that prevent condensation and ice forming on the pipes.

The system was installed, commissioned & running within 2 days.

Cold Room condensing unit exterior pipe work