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Covid Air Conditioning Clean

Airborne transmission image

Ensuring your air conditioning is properly serviced is important to maintain its performance, efficiency, warranty, but most importantly, its safety & cleanliness too. Covid Air Conditioning Clean Dirty filters, fans and heat exchanging coils not only adversely affect a system’s performance, but also lead to unpleasant smells and unsanitary conditions for the users. Unmaintained air con systems may have…

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Torr Score 94% at ConCom

ConCom logo

We are delighted to announce that for our third audit running, we have improved our ConCom audit score to an impressive 94%. The Humber Bank Contractor Competency was formed to establish and develop high standards of competency for companies and their employees working on the Humber Bank process industry sites.  The ConCom audit covers numerous, evidence based, areas of…

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Ice Machine Maintenance

Bacteria growing in a dirty ice machine

The importance of Ice Machine Maintenance. A recent investigation by the BBC Watchdog programme has again highlighted the need for proper ice machine maintenance in pubs & restaurants throughout the UK. In its findings the programme identified that bacteria in such high concentrations, and the presence of coliforms, could indicate failings in cleaning standards – and may even represent a…

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