Torr Score Well at ConCom

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Torr Engineering are proud to have achieved an outstanding 85% score in their latest ConCom audit.

The Humber Bank Contractor Competency Forum was formed in 1999 by a group of collaborating clients and supporting contractors to establish and develop high standards of competency for companies and their employees working on the Humber Bank process industry sites.


Concom audits contractors who are working on, or clients are intending to use on their sites using an audit template agreed by the client group.

The audit report and data is then available to all the client members so that the contractor is only audited once regardless of how many of the clients they work for.

Concom supports contractors in improving their systems and competency by promoting and sharing best practice and providing training targeted at areas found to be weak during systems or site audits. Concom is a collaborative and supportive tool promoting continual improvement.

Membership of the scheme for clients is by acceptance of the principles of Concom, the responsibilities of client members and payment of the appropriate annual membership fee.

Membership for contractors is by a nomination from a client member and payment of the appropriate annual membership fee.

Further information is available here.