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ZERO VAT on Domestic Air Conditioning!

zero vat on domestic air conditioning Great news for homeowners wanting air conditioning – As of 1st April 2022, all domestic air source heat pumps can now be installed at zero VAT rate. This includes air conditioning units that can supply both cooling & heating. On a standard small installation, this is a minimum saving of £300+ The new…

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Domestic Air Conditioning

domestic air conditioning – home air conditioning As temperatures continue to soar again this year, Domestic Air Conditioning is allowing home owners across the UK to enjoy the perfect climate constantly throughout their homes. Modern systems, capable of providing both cooling & heating with A+++ levels of efficiency, are getting less expensive and within the reach of most families….

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Swinton and District Excelsior Band

Swinton Brass Band

Swinton and District Excelsior Band Here at Torr we were delighted to be contacted by yet another local brass band looking for our help in improving the ventilation & air quality in their rehearsal band room. The Swinton and District Excelsior Band has a wonderfully documented history, dating back to the band’s inception in 1936. Back then, 6 locals…

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City of Hull Brass Band

City of Hull Band - formerly known as EYMS Band

City of Hull Brass Band commissioned Torr Engineering to help solve their erratic room temperature problems at their brass band rehearsal studio in Barton-Upon-Humber. City of Hull Brass Band Our local 2019 North of England Championship winning brass band, formerly known as the EYMS Brass Band, regularly practice for numerous performances & nationwide competitions at their fantastic rehearsal venue…

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The Refrigeration Cycle

The Refrigeration Cycle is a simple but amazingly clever and useful process. In its simplest form, the refrigeration cycle consists of just 4 basic components to complete the circuit: That’s it. Well, that’s almost it – we also need a refrigerant to cycle inside the circuit. As the name suggests, the refrigeration process is a cycle.We start at the…

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Beer Cellar Cooling – GRUFC

Cold beers courtesy of the latest beer cellar cooling equipment for the post match celebrations – is there anything else more important? Grimsby Rugby Union Football Club commissioned local refrigeration & air conditioning company Torr Engineering to replace their recently failed beer cellar cooling equipment. Thankfully the old system died during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, so the flow of…

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Covid-19 & Air Conditioning

Covid-19 molecule

Can I catch Coronavirus from an air conditioning unit?
Although there is currently no research that supports that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) can be directly transferred through air conditioning systems, there is similarly no research to say that it can’t…

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

An air conditioner’s filters, coils, fins, drains and electrical system all require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. From our own experience there is no doubt that air conditioning units that have been professionally…

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Air Conditioning in Grimsby

Wall mounted air conditioner in a bedroom

Home Air Conditioning in Grimsby is closer than you think! Torr Engineering are your local Refrigeration & Air Conditioning company in Grimsby and we are here to help. Whatever your cooling or heating needs, air conditioning is an environmentally friendly, highly efficient and cost effective option. Torr provide heating and cooling solutions for the domestic, commercial, retail & light…

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Caravan Air Conditioning.


caravan air conditioning Caravan air conditioning is quickly becoming a valuable addition to your static caravan. With this summer’s blistering heat set to continue in years to come. The heat not only makes it uncomfortable in the day, but also causes problems trying to get to sleep.   We’ve all been on holiday abroad and enjoyed the welcomed comfort…

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