Tough Coat Wrapping – Southwark

Toughcoat wrapping installed correctly on refrigeration pipework
After a previous contractor had failed to complete the tough coat wrapping of the refrigeration services, Torr Engineering were commissioned to re-wrap the badly done sections and complete the unfinished services.

Tough coat wrapping is a covering that goes over the normal foam insulation lagging that is applied to refrigeration pipe work.  It provides extra long term protection to the lagging in exposed areas, such as on supermarket roofs.  In exposed areas the foam lagging can quickly become badly degraded by weathering and damage by birds.  Birds are a particular problem, pecking and tearing at the foam lagging to remove it for nesting material.  In severe cases the lagging is so badly degraded that the copper refrigeration pipe work is exposed, as shown in this picture below.

Damaged refrigeration lagging

Damaged refrigeration lagging caused by weather degradation and birds.

The previous contractor had wrapped some of the refrigeration pipe work, but to such a poor standard that we had to remove it and re-wrap most of their work, as well as completing all the unfinished wrapping.

Here are some sample pictures of what it looked like and how it shouldn’t be done:

Properly applying tough coat lagging is a skilled and time consuming job, but we believe what’s worth doing is worth doing well.

Here’s how we completed the job and how it should be done: