Flower Storage Cold Room

flower storage cold room

Flower Storage Cold Room

Torr were delighted to be commissioned by local florists Crosskills of Heneage Road Grimsby to replace their ageing flower storage cold room refrigeration equipment.

Crosskills’ are an independent florist based in Grimsby for almost 100 years. They arrange flowers for all occasions, whether that’s to say congratulations, sorry, thank you, or simply that I love you.

Crosskills Florist - Heneage Road, Grimsby

It’s their mission at Crosskills to ensure only the freshest blooms and flowers leave their store at all times.
All flowers that go out for daily deliveries are hand-picked and conditioned on the same day.

As part of this process, it is essential that the flowers are kept at the perfect temperature to ensure they arrive at your door fresh, long lasting, and in the perfect condition. That’s where Torr were available to help!

The existing cold room evaporator was ageing and nearing the end of its serviceable life. Rather than investing any more money in to it, Crosskills decided to put that investment in to a new system.

Crosskills Florist - Flower Storage Cold Room - Old Evaporator

The existing cold room panels were staying and just the refrigeration equipment needed replacing.
With no access to the top of the cold room, new cabling had to be pulled through using the old wiring that was being replaced.

Crosskills Florist - Flower Storage Cold Room - Old Controller

Meanwhile, outside, the redundant condensing unit was de-gassed & removed to make space for a new Danfoss Optyma system that, unlike the old system sat on the roof felt, would be wall mounted.

Crosskills Florist - Flower Storage Cold Room - Removing Old System

Wall mounting the new condenser keeps it off the felt roof, preventing damage and helping keep the condenser clean and away from any debris on the roof. It also makes the unit more easily accessible for future maintenance & cleaning.

Flower Storage Cold Room Condensing Unit

Once the condenser is mounted, it’s back inside to mount the indoor evaporator and complete the final piping & wiring connections.

Cold room evaporators are normally mounted using nylon rod & nylon fastenings, but with no access to the top of the cold room, the existing zinc galvanised fixings had to be re-used. These fixings will be monitored during future maintenance to ensure corrosion is kept to a minimum & doesn’t compromise their strength or cleanliness.

Fortunately, the new & old evaporators are the same size so fixing points and pipe & drain penetrations can all be re-used without drilling further holes in the cold room.

The old Eliwell controller is replaced with a much neater looking & user friendly Danfoss Optyma single phase cold room controller.

The old condensate drain for the indoor evaporator was left just sticking out of the wall. Over the years this caused the brickwork to get damp, soft & mossy.

Once the new evaporator was up, a new condensate drain was installed to run in to a ground drain and prevent further damage to the brickwork.

Flower Storage Cold Room Drainage

Once completed, the system was run up, commissioned and tested.

Dependent on the types of flowers being stored, this system is capable of keeping the cold room in the perfect temperature band of between 1°C – 5°C.

The finishing touch to the installation was a new set of door curtains that help reduce temperature loss while going in & out of the flower storage cold room, and that you can actually see through! (Unlike the old ones).

Flower Storage Cold Room - Door Curtains

Our thanks go to Jane & her staff at Crosskills for accomodating us during this 2 day installation.
What a fantastic & fragrant place to work, and the tea was appreciated too!

So for fantastic freshly chilled blooms from the finest local florist, please drop by Crosskills website or visit their Facebook & Instagram pages.

For more information on keeping your flowers, or anything else for that matter, cool & fresh, drop us a line on the Torr Contact Page ;0)