Caravan Air Con – Cool in Summer, Toasty in Winter!

Willerby Lodge Caravan Air Conditioning Unit

Caravan Air Con

Caravan Air Con is the perfect addition for your holiday hideaway.

Especially hideaway’s like this luxurious Willerby Vogue Lodge at York House Holiday Park near Thirsk.

Caravan Air Con

Our client contacted us having seen other caravan air conditioning installations completed by us here at Torr. Within a week of the order, and completed in just one morning, this beautiful holiday home was benefitting from all the fantastic features of a modern air conditioning system.

Features such as:

♥ Superb A+++ energy efficiency
♥ Heating Function
♥ Cooling Function
♥ Dehumidifcation Function
♥ Fan Only Function
♥ Dust, Pollen & Allergen Filtration
♥ Washable & Replaceable Filters
♥ WiFi Controllable
♥ Programmable Timers
♥ Turbo function for quick set point reaching
♥ Smart airflow for optimal air distribution
Sleep mode for comfort cooling in the night
Password Protection
Child Lock
♥ Unobtrusive
♥ Choice of Sizes
♥ Choice of Colours
♥ Choice of Designs
♥ Whisper Quiet Running
♥ Installed and running same day
♥ Running Costs from 4p/Hour
♥ Guaranteed for 3 Years – Extendable Up To 7 Years!

Caravan Air Con indoor units can be mounted in various positions and include wall mounted & floor standing systems to suit each individual caravan & layout.

Similarly, Caravan Air Con outdoor units can be mounted in various positions to suit each individual caravan & site layout.

Why so Efficient?

The heat pump technology in air conditioning systems is, by its nature, inherently more efficient than standard boiler wet systems. This is because it works by absorbing the FREE heat occurring naturally in the air.

The efficiency of heat pumps can reach as high as 350% – It costs you 1kW of electricity to get over 3kW of heating or cooling energy out of the air conditioner.

Compare that to old boiler systems which are considered to be 50 – 75% efficient. Even newer high efficient boilers are only achieving approx 90% efficiency. They can never achieve the high efficiencies of heat pumps because they can never harvest the already free heat energy in the air.

And that’s just the efficiency benefit gained from the physics of the refrigeration cycle in a heat pump air conditioning system. Further efficiencies are now achieved with variable speed inverter technology driven compressors. With inverter compressors, instead of the compressor motor being either off or running full speed, the motor is electronically controlled to run at varying speeds to deliver the perfect balance of required performance & energy usage.

This now sees all modern air con systems attaining a domestic energy factor rating of either A+, A++ or A+++.

♥ Kinder to the Environment!

The latest range of air conditioning systems run on a new refrigerant called R32.
This refrigerant is non-toxic, does not contribute to ozone depletion and has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 675, which is 68% lower than the commonly used air conditioning refrigerant R410A.

Of course, even with it’s extremely low GWP, any refrigerant only has an effect on the climate if it is leaking out of a unit. This is very rarely the case with an installation by Torr as your new system undergoes stringent pressure testing to prove the pipe work’s strength and leak tightness before any refrigerant is added to it. With yearly maintenance, the chances of any refrigerant leak are reduced to almost zero.

And while air conditioning systems are already very efficient in the energy use, the new R32 refrigerant has a slightly better efficiency than R410A. This means less refrigerant can be used and air con components can be smaller and more compact.

How much do they cost?

Obviously a question we get asked a lot, so much so we wrote an article on it called: ‘How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?’ Click on the link and have a read. It gives you a good understanding on the many factors that affect the cost of an air con system, but, as a quick rough guide, Caravan Air Con systems usually cost from £950 – £1,600.

What area do you cover?

At Torr we generally work on projects Nationwide, but with Caravan Air Con in such high demand recently, we have had to limit Caravan installation works to Yorkshire & Lincolnshire and down the East Coast from Scarborough to Skegness. If your caravan falls outside this area but you would still like any advice, or have any questions about air con, please get in touch with us and we’ll help all we can.

When can you fit mine?

As a result of the after effects of the Covid pandemic, and the knock on effects of the Ukranian war, like in many businesses and services there are some associated increases in costs and delays in the supply chain for air conditioning systems, parts & materials. However, this is mainly affecting larger commercial & industrial systems, and smaller home & caravan systems are usually available for next day delivery from our suppliers.

All we can say is, the sooner you place your order, the higher up the list you’ll be and the quicker you’ll be experiencing the joys of air conditioning in you holiday home… Wondering why you never did it sooner!

To get on that list, or even if you just have a question, you need to be clicking HERE.