There are times when any air conditioning or refrigeration system can go wrong. It’s times like these when you need a fast reactive service to get you back up and running again.

Some systems are more critical than others. In oil refineries, power stations and some industrial processes, refrigeration & air con is so critical that they usually have 100% redundancy backup. An entire 2nd system on standby in case the worse should happen. For the majority of users though, this wouldn’t be cost effective, and a fast reacting repair service is what’s needed.

Here at Torr we are happy to attend a one off emergency call out to fix your system. Simply use our one call number 0845 0945 188.

We can fix 90% of problems there & then with the equipment & spares available to us. In the event that an instant repair is not possible, we can arrange temporary emergency solutions to get you through until a full repair can be undertaken.

Clients with a Preventative Planned Maintenance¬† (PPM) contract with Torr enjoy guaranteed call out times. Wherever you are, whatever the problem, we’ll be there within 4 hours (though it’s usually within the hour) – Guaranteed.