Lokring Approved Installers.


Torr Engineering are now Lokring approved installers.

Torr Engineering are now Lokring approved installers.

LOKRING is a mechanical pipe jointing system that does not require brazing in the conventional way. This means that hot work with all its inherent risks is not required, allowing for safer installations, especially in high risk zones such as petrochemical sites and other areas with highly flammable materials.

Other benefits include not needing oxygen and acetylene gasses for brazing, brazing alloy filler rods, and nitrogen gas for purging copper tube to prevent oxidisation. Installers no longer require a second man to fire watch, fire extinguishers, fire alarm isolations, and hot work permits.

Lokring tube connections can be made without a great deal of force being necessary, using simple hand assembly tools. The system provides a very clean coupling of the copper pipes, ensuring no oxidisation or other unwanted contamination inside the sealed refrigeration pipe network and providing long-term hermetic air-tightness.

This is confirmed by the special TÜV test and approval. All this makes Lokring tube connections one of the most economical and reliable methods of connecting refrigerant tubes.

Torr Engineering are now Lokring approved installers.The typical union joint consists of two Lokrings and one tubular joint for the acceptance of the two tube ends. Thanks to the conical inner contour of the Lokring and the special outer contour of the joint, the diameter of the connection is reduced during assembly to such an extent that the joint and the tube create a hermetically sealed metal-to-metal connection.

The lifetime gas-tightness of the fitted connection is ensured by the state of permanent elastic pre-tension, which is produced by the radial forces of the Lokrings acting in the opposite direction to the tube-joint connection.

Further information on Lokring is available here.